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Who we are

We, Biaxis Oy Ltd., are a pioneer in the manufacturing of BOPA Film. We have been producing BOPA since 1996. With more than 25 years of history we have developed unique know-how and technology for BOPA films that is being used by our clients to meet their needs and development requirements for innovation and that contributes to their success.

Our manufacturing site is located in Finland in the city of Lahti - the European Green Capital in 2021.

Biaxis is your sustainable choice

Biaxis is your partner in producing sustainable packaging. With our highly developed processes with zero waste and green energy sources we take pride in forming a key part of a sustainable packaging offered to the consumer.

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Sales and Customer Service

Sojitz Solvadis GmbH
Schirmerstrasse 76
40211 Düsseldorf

Call +49 (0)211 3551 284

Manufacturing and Development

Biaxis Oy Ltd.
Teknikonkatu 2
15520 Lahti

Call +358 20 510 312