Biaxially Oriented Film (BOPA) Products

Superior quality made sustainably

Biaxis is a world leader in the development and production of biaxially oriented films, also known as BOPA films. Our films have a wide range of uses both in packaging and in production of various end products. With its 2-Step-Sequential Tenter Frame production technology our Biaxis BOPA nylon film is a good gas and aroma barrier that offers excellent flexibility and durability for packaging material.

Our film has outperforming barrier properties and mechanical strength. More benefits are the unmatched puncture impact and flex-crack resistance and the superior clarity and transparency of our film.

All these properties combined in our Biaxis BOPA nylon film portfolio create the perfect solution in all converting processes such as printing, lamination and coating.

Key benefits of Biaxis BOPA films

  • Best-in-class flexibility and durability

  • Superior Mechanical Strength

  • Good Gas and Aroma Barrier

  • Wide Tolerance for Temperatures

  • Good Stability

  • High Resistance to a wide range of chemicals

Biaxis is your sustainable choice

Biaxis is your partner in producing sustainable packaging. With our highly developed processes with zero waste and green energy sources we take pride in forming a key part of a sustainable packaging offered to the consumer.